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  • Profile

    One of the major departments of the premier institute has been established in 1912.The department is housed in the floor of main building of Earth Science Block. The department has one spacious museum, three laboratories, one lecture theater, one library and one spacious staff room, lab assistant room, one store room and one washroom. The museum (40’ x 20’) has some instruments as old as one hundred years. The department has distinction to produce students who have made their mark in all corners of the world from USA to Germany and other parts of India. Before the inception of P.G. Botany at the University of Kashmir , the Post-Graduation was started at S.P. College in the 60s of the last century. The department at present is well equipped in terms of faculty, lab equipment and lab staff to begin the P.G. studies.

  • Faculty

    S.No Name Of Faculty Designation Qualification Publication Department
    1Dr Zubaida BhattAssociate Professor(H.O.D)PHD4Botany
    2Prof. Imtiyaz Ahmad ShahAssociate ProfessorMPhill4Botany
    3Dr Willayat RizviAssociate ProfessorPHD4Botany
    4Prof Niyaz Ahmad WaniAssociate ProfessorMSc3Botany
    5Prof. Muzafar Ahmad ReshiAssociate ProfessorMSc3Botany
    6Prof. Sadaf NazirAssociate ProfessorMPhill2Botany
    7Prof. Manzoor Ahmad WaniAssociate ProfessorMPhill3Botany
    8Dr Tabasum Nazir QadriAssistant ProfessorPHDMore than 6Botany
    9Dr Parvaiz Ahmad GanieAssistant ProfessorPHDMore than 6Botany
    10Prof. Yaseen MaqboolAssistant ProfessorMSc/NETSelectBotany
    11Dr Saduf NissarAssistant ProfessorPHD/NETMore than 6Botany
    12Dr Shabana AslamAssistant ProfessorPHD/NETMore than 6Botany
    13Dr Fahima GulAssistant ProfessorPHDMore than 6Botany
    14Dr Tabasum HabibAssistant ProfessorPHD3Botany
    15Prof Nighat JanAssistant ProfessorMPhill/NetSelectBotany
    16Dr Ubaid YaqoobAssistant ProfessorPHD/MPhill/NETMore than 6Botany

  • Strengths

    Besides the faculty, the departments of Botany possesses the following distinction which distinguish it from other U.G.

    Departments of different colleges in the valley.

    1.   Botanical Garden/Herbal Garden

    2.   Lilly Pond

    3.   College Wan (forest)

    4.   Green House

    5.   High-Tech Green house (under fabrication)

    6.   Three Labs

    7.   Museum

    8.   Departmental Library

  • Botanical Garden

    Botanical Garden spreads over an area of 14 kanals of land and is located is South West of the campus. The garden is rich in biodiversity and harbours both exotic and endemic species. The garden is portioned into several segments namely Deodar, Pine, Fern, Herbs, Shrubs and ornamentals etc. The garden caters to the needs of both UG Botany students & PG students of environmental Sciences of this institute. This garden has a portion devoted to the college Wan having deciduous trees comprising Acer, Quercus , Morus, Salix & Platanus etc. The plants growing in the Botanical Garden represents 42 trees,80 shurbs & 155 herb species. Some of them are listed below:-

    Gledistia tricanthus, Manglonia grandiflora, M. Stellata, M. Solangiana, Ginkgo biloba, Wisteria sinensis, Juniperous communis, Myrtus communis, Quersus suber, Meelia azadirecta, Acer nugunda, Callistemon, lanceolata, Salix capria, Cryptomeria Joponica, Taxus bacata, Cycus Sp., Pinus wallichiana, catalopa, Cedrus deodara,Abies pindrow, Morus alpa, Ficus carica, Populus alba, Punica granatm, Salix able, Sambuc, Chaenomeles japonica, Sophora japonica, biota orientalis, Cercis (sps), Hibiscus (Sps), Cretaegus (Sps) etc.

  • Herbal Garden

    Recently department of Botany has established a herbal garden with the active cooperation of RRL Pulwama & Social Forestry Srinagar. It harbours various medicinal herbs of the valley. It spreads over an area of about 2 kanals. Through in it infancy this garden is coming up in a major way and has enthused the students for commercial cultivation of medicinal plants. It is important to mention here that department has already submitted a DPR to National Medicinal Board Government of India for propagation of medicinal plants. Some of the medicinal plants introduced in our herbal garden are as under:-

    1.   Podophyllum hexandrum

    2.   Salvia sclarea

    3.   Dioscoria

    4.   Ephedra gerardiana

    5.   Digitals purpuria

    6.   Artomesia absinthum

    7.   Atropa belladonna

    8.   Mentha arvensis

    9.   Glycerhiza glabra

    10.   Acorus calamus

    11.   Bergenia

    12.   Atropa acuminita

    13.   Menthe piperita

    14.   Achillea millefolium

    15.   Inula racemosa

    16.   Lavandula officinalis

  • Lily Pond

    A very beautiful almond shaped scientifically managed lily pond is present in our botanical garden.Its area is about 34’ x 20’ x 5’ depth. It harbours many aquatic plants like Nymphaea, Hydrilla, Ceratophullum Salvinia, Chara & other Algae. The pond is subjected to periodic cleaning & is re-circulated with fresh water.In current year the pond will be properly segmented and new hydrophyte species will be introduced. Besides helping students in understanding the aquatic flora, its water samples are being analyzed for different parameters i.e. pH, BoD, etc by both Botany & Water Management students of this institution.

  • College Wan(Forest)

    Deciduous Wan (forest) located in the Botanical Garden comprises of many deciduous tree i.e. Acer,Querus, Morus, Plantanus, Salix, Asculus and many shrubs etc. The Wan area is segmented with well demarcated, uneven low lying paths which needs to be properly raised and suitably tiled. They are connected with the bund through well designed iron culverts and has tri chinar area ment for resting purposes. Needless to mention here a proposal for up gradation and proper conservation for this Wan area has already been submitted to the department of Forest, J&K Government.

  • High-Tech Green

    A High Tech Green House (20 x 30) is present in the botanical garden. A 5 lac has been spend for the project by Higher Education Department under special plan assistance 2010-2011. This Green House is provided with Roof Screen, Cooling System, Fogging/Misting system, Heating System, Light Facility and Electrification, Automatic Digital temperature and Humidity Control System as well as the data logger with the facility option to provide connectivity with computer & printer to get output periodically

  • Laboratories

    The department has three spacious and well equipped laboratories, which accommodates a batch of 30 students each.

  • Museum

    Department has a large well maintained museum (40’ x 20’) with houses both antique and various ethno botanical items. The museum is reflective of the cultural life of the people of Kashmir in the early half of the last century. How the people of Kashmir drew most of their necessities/ implements of life from the trees and plants around them is well exhibited in the Museum. To make it more attractive an Ethnographic Section of this Museum will be shifted to an adjacent room. The museum also accommodates the collection of last 100 years as items produced as early as 1915, besides it containd orderly arranged class work material meant for UG Students, well maintained and preserved herbarium of local flora.

  • Departmental Library

    Located in a well furnished cosy room. It houses about 650 books, which are properly indexed. The books are of both text and reference by reputed authors pertaining to all steams of plants sciences viz Algae, Fungi, Peridophyta, Gymenosperms, Plant Anatomy, Plant Physiology, Plant taxonomy, Plant Pathology, Genetic and Molecular Biology, Plant Ecology, Soil Sciences, Plant Biochemistry and Environmental Sciences etc. In addition to above one section of library is devoted to the books which are being gifted or donated to this department by various publishers. Besides serving as ready reference to teaching faculty of this department, the books of this library caters to the needs of students as well.. It is important to mention here, that fresh supply orders have also been placed to different publishers for supply of reference and text books which can be exclusively useful to PG students of Botany


  • History

    Sri Pratap College M.A. Road Srinagar is one of the premier institutions of valley with over hundred years of history.

    The college was established in 1905 by Banaras Hindu University and was affiliated to Punjab University in 1911.

    The state Government took over the college in 1911 & was renamed as Sri Pratap College.

    The S.P. College is now an exclusive Science College imparting Science Education in a broad spectrum of subjects like Biochemistry, Biotechnology, IT, Environmental Science etc.

    The college is running P.G. courses in Chemistry and Environmental Sciences.

    The Department of Biochemistry was established in the year 2000. The department is housed in well build RCC Block in the New Bioscience Block constructed very recently. The department is built keeping in view all the requisite parameters including earthquake /shock resistance.

    The department caters to the needs of the B. Sc students of Biochemistry, P.G. Students of Environmental Sciences and P.G.

    Chemistry on need basis.

    The department produce talented graduates for various M.Sc. courses especially in Biochemistry and Biotechnology, Botany, Zoology and other allied subjects annually, some of them have attained Laurels at National and International levels.

    The members of teaching faculty besides their routine work are resource persons for number of institutions.

    Location:- New Science Block , First Floor

    Built up Area:- (111.5’x 45’= 5017.5 sq. Ft)

  • Faculty

    S.No Name Of Faculty Designation Qualification Publication Department
    1Prof. Syed Eazaz Hussain RizviAssociate Professor and HeadNotAvailableMore than 6Bio-Chemistry
    2Dr Qazi DanishAssistant ProfessorPHD/NET2Bio-Chemistry
    3Dr. Mohammad Raies Ul HaqAssistant ProfessorPHDMore than 6Bio-Chemistry
    4Dr Sheraz Ahmad BhatAssistant ProfessorPHD/NETMore than 6Bio-Chemistry

  • Physical Facilities

    Labs/Rooms Number Dimensions
    Laboratory-I 01 40' x 20'
    Laboratory-II 01 34' x 20'
    Tissue Culture Lab 01 14' x 08'
    Bioinformatics Lab 01 14' x 10'
    Tissue Culture Lab 01 14' x 08'
    Tissue Culture Lab 01 14' x 08'
    Microbiology Lab 01 14' x 10'
    Lab. Attendants Room 02 10' x 08'
    Instrumentation Room 02 14' x 10'
    Office 01 10' x 08'
    HOD/Staff Room 01 14' x 14'
    Library/ Reading Room 01 14' x 10'
    Class Rooms 02 20' x 20'
    Wash Room 02 11' x 11'
    Pantary 01 06' x 05'

  • Library Facilities

    The department has full fledged library housing about 500 standard reference books on Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Microbiology, toxicology and other allied subjects. The departmental is also connected to inflibnet for reference journals and other books besides the Central library.

  • Equipments

    List Of Equipments Availiable
    01 UV-Visible Spectrophotometer (Systronics)
    02 Laminar Air Flow
    03 Deep Freezer
    04 Incubators
    05 Autoclaves
    06 Colorimeters
    07 Students Microscopes
    08 Photo microscope
    09 Digital Photo colorimeters
    10 Water baths
    11 Vortex Mixers
    12 Hot plates
    13 pH meter (Elico)
    14 pH meter ( Systronics)
    15 pH meter (Instant Hand grip)
    16 Magnetic stirrers
    17 Analytical Balances
    18 Weighing Balance
    19 Digital Electronic Balances
    20 Digital Electronic Balance (Solar type)
    21 Centrifuge RC4 (Remi)
    22 Microfuge
    23 Slab Gel Electrophoresis with Power Supply
    24 Agarose Gel Electrophoresis with power supply
    25 Double distillation units
    26 Hot wave Oven
    27 Microwave Oven
    28 Dancing Shaker
    29 Glucometers
    30 Haemoglobinometers
    31 Immunoassay analyzer
    32 Paralense Fluorescent Microscope attachment
    33 Micro processor based spectrophotometer
    34 Haemoglobin & Bilrubin Analyzer
    35 Binocular Microscopes
    36 Water baths
    37 Dry baths
    38 Bottle top dispenser
    39 Paper Chrmomatography chambers
    40 Digital Hb meter
    41 Digital glucometer
    42 SDS-PAGE
    Equipments to Procure / Ordered for supply
    1 PCR
    2 Gel Doc system
    2 Gel Doc system
    3 Projection Microscope
    4 Inverted Microscope
    5 Refrigerated Centrifuge
    6 ELISA reader
    7 GLC
    8 BOD Chamber
    9 Microprocessor based Spectrophotometer
    10 Western Blot
    11 Lypholyser
    12 Uv/visible transilluminator
    13 Refrigerated Ultracentrifuge
    14 Microtme.
    15 Liquid Nitrogen facility
    16 Milli pore
    17 Licor Gel scanner
    18 Carbon dioxide incubator

  • Research Activities

    Teachers of this department are recognized as guides to Guide M.Phil degrees .

    No. of Research papers produced by the department

    a).    Syed Eazaz Hussain Rizvi, ( Asso. Professor) = 10


  • Profile
    About the Department

    The Department of Biotechnology was established in the year 2007. This department offers U.G. courses in the discipline of Biotechnology. All the basic infrastructural facilities required for conducting teaching and basic research activities in different areas of Biotechnology have been put in place. The department is housed in a three-storied New Science Block. It consists of class rooms, staff room, departmental library and well equipped laboratories. There are separate labs facilities for molecular biology, tissue culture and bioinformatics.

    Four batches have completed their B.Sc. degree course with Biotechnology as one of the subjects. Besides, many students have qualified PG entrance examination conducted by The University of Kashmir and Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. The subjects taught include: cell biology, industrial microbiology, molecular biology, biophysical and biochemical techniques, enzymology, plant biotechnology, genetic engineering, immunology and animal biotechnology.

  • Faculty

    S.No Name Of Faculty Designation Qualification Publication Department
    1Dr. Roohi MushtaqAssistant Professor (Head)PHD5Bio-Technology
    2Dr. Sadiq MajeedAssistant ProfessorPHD3Bio-Technology

  • Infrastructure

    Separate rooms for conducting theory and practical classes.

    Laboratory with required work benches, chemicals, apparatus, instruments and other facilities for practical lab work.

    Molecular Biology and Tissue Culture Laboratory.

    Sophisticated equipments for conducting practical work.

    Staff room.

    Wash room facility.

  • Library Facility

    The newly established departmental library consists of 100 books relevant to the discipline of Biotechnology. This is in addition to 200 books available in the college central library. The collection comprises mainly of reference and text books relatedt to the domain of Plant Biotechnology, Biochemistry, General Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Molecular Genetics, Plant Tissue Culture, Bioinformatics, Genetics, Animal Biotechnology, Enzymology, Immunology, Principles & Techniques of Biochemistry and Biotechnology.

  • Laboratory
    Well Equipped Laboratory

    PCR, UV-Visible Spectrophotometer, High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge, Electronic Balance, Deep Freezer, Laminar Air Flow, Autoclave, Microscope, pH Meter, Double Distillation Unit, Hot Air Oven, Bacteriological Incubator, Water Bath, Magnetic Stirrer, Electrophoretic unit, UV Transilluminator, Microwave oven.


  • History

    The department of chemistry of the college has always been the major department of the college. It used to have as many as 25 regular teaching faculty members and almost same number of non teaching members as well.

    The department houses three spacious laboratories, one relatively smaller laboratory and one computer lab as well.

    The teaching faculty of the department at present includes young & energetic and experienced members which include four PhDs, three M Phils and four NET qualified members.

  • Students Enrolled

    Number of Students Enrolled:
    a).     UG Courses:
    Class Students Enrolled with Chemistry
    BSc Ist Year 650
    BSc 2nd Year 451
    BSc 3rd Year 296
    b).     PG Courses:
    Class Students Enrolled
    MSc Previous (Ist & 2nd Sem) 13
    MSc Final (3rd &4th Sem) 13

  • Faculty

    S.No Name Of Faculty Designation Qualification Publication Department
    1Prof. Bilal Ahmad BhatAssociate Professor(H.O.D)MPhill/MScSelectChemistry
    2Prof. Nighat HassanAssistant ProfessorMPhillSelectChemistry
    3Prof. Syeed MisbahAssistant ProfessorPHD/MPhillSelectChemistry
    4Dr. Asif IqbalAssistant ProfessorPHD/MPhillNilChemistry
    5Prof. Abdul Haleem WaniAssistant ProfessorMSc/NETSelectChemistry
    6Dr. Haris Izhar TantaryAssociate ProfessorPHDSelectChemistry
    7Dr. Abdul Rouf BhatAssistant ProfessorPHD4Chemistry
    8Prof. Ruheena TabasumAssistant ProfessorMPhill/NetChemistry
    9Prof. Bashir Ahmad MirAssociate ProfessorMScSelectChemistry
    10Prof. M. Yaqoob KhanAssociate ProfessorMScSelectChemistry
    11Prof. Imtiyaz RajaAssociate ProfessorMScSelectChemistry
    12Prof. Sadat Hassan KarAssistant ProfessorMScSelectChemistry
    13Prof. M. Ashraf WaniAssistant ProfessorMScSelectChemistry
    14Prof. Peer Irfan RashidAssistant ProfessorMPhillSelectChemistry
    15Dr. Tabasum IsmailAssistant ProfessorPHD/NETSelectChemistry
    16Dr Mudasir Ahmad TantryAssistant ProfessorPHDMore than 6Chemistry


  • Profile

    The Department of English was established in the year 1905 with a modest strength of 74 students. The department shares a long history of 108 years with the college. A. Bannerjea and C.B. Bahadur were the vanguards in carrying out the aim of teaching English language and literature to the then students enrolled in the college and this aim was carried forward by various other faculty members who from time to time offered services in the department. At present the department is running with an aim to inculcate the language skills in the students so that they can compete well on the global scene vis-à-vis language.

    Programms Offered
    Programme Level of study Cut-off marks at entry level in %
    (a)     B.G. I Year U.G 45%
    (a)     B.G. II Year M.A. (English)
    (a)     B.G. III Year M.A. (English)/NET
    (a)     B.Sc IT Vocational Entrance Test Based
  • Faculty

    S.No Name Of Faculty Designation Qualification Publication Department
    1Prof. Zahida NaseemAssociate Professor(H.O.D)M.A(English)SelectEnglish
    2Dr. Deeba SarmadAssociate ProfessorPHDMore than 6English
    3Prof. Ruhi JanAssociate ProfessorM.A(English)SelectEnglish
    4Prof. Nadia ShahAssistant ProfessorM.A(English)/NETSelectEnglish
    5Prof. Uzma AfshanAssistant ProfessorM.A(English)/NETSelectEnglish
    6Prof. Mubashir KareemAssistant ProfessorMPhill/NetSelectEnglish
    7Prof. Insha SirajAssistant ProfessorMPhill/NetSelectEnglish

  • Aims

    1. Cultivating aesthetic and literary sensibility amongst the students by teaching and acquainting them with different genres of the subject like poetry, drama, novel, short stories and non-fiction.

    2. Strengthening the four communication skills in the students which are listening, speaking, reading and writing.

    3. Enabling students to acquire proficiency in pronunciation vis-à-vis International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA), supra-segmental features and phonetic transcription.

    4. Enabling students to use English effectively in business and official communication through letters, reports, memos, advertisements, notices, e-mails etc.

    5. Teaching applied grammar to the students so that they can make correct and appropriate use of English language.

    6. Enriching a literacy, poetic and figurative use of English language through symbolism, metaphors, idioms, phrases, similes etc.


  • Profile
    Department Of Environment And Water Management

    The Environment and Water Management Department at Sri Pratap College was formally established in 1996 and it has existed as a UGC-sponsored `Vocational Course’ for the undergraduate programme. The first batch graduated in 1997. At the time of its inception the department was headed by Dr. S.G.Sarwar.

  • Academic
    Academic Programmes

    The department is currently dealing with the teaching the Vocational course in environment and water management alongwith teaching of the Modular course in Environmental studies at the 2nd year level.

  • Library Facilities

    The department currently has approx. 600+ books on various topics related to environment.

  • Laboratory
    Laboratory Facilities

    The Department has a spacious modern laboratory to serve the teaching and research needs of the students and faculty of the Department respectively. The lab currently has all the necessary equipments required for the environmental analysis besides being equipped with the advanced potable testing kits required in the field.

  • Eco-Outings

    The department conducts one day field trips for sensitizing the students about the various components of environment and giving them a know-how of the various types of ecosystems besides collection of various samples for practical purpose.

  • Environmental
    Environmental Activities

    The department ever since its inception has been involved in activities related to the conservation and protection of the environment like environmental week celebrations, wildlife week, awareness programmes, cleanliness drives, social services besides participating in national and international environmental competitions. The department has established a Green Club under the banner of which all the environment related activities are being carried out from time to time.

  • Faculty

    S.No Name Of Faculty Designation Qualification Publication Department
    1Dr Humaira QadriAssistant Professor (Head)PHD/NETMore than 6EWM
    2Prof. Shahid Ahmad WaniAssistant ProfessorMSc/NETMore than 6EWM
    3Dr Mudasir AliAssistant ProfessorPHD/NETMore than 6EWM
    4Dr Qazi Aashiq HussainAssistant ProfessorPHD/NETMore than 6EWM
    5Dr Suhaib Ahmad BandhAssistant ProfessorPHD/NETMore than 6EWM
    6Dr Mohammad Aneesul MehmoodAssistant ProfessorPHD/NETMore than 6EWM
    7Prof. Sana ShafiAssistant ProfessorMPhill/NetMore than 6EWM
    8Prof. Gowhar Hamid DarAssistant ProfessorMPhill/NETMore than 6EWM
    9Dr Syed Maqbool GeelaniLecturer (Academic Arrangement)PHDMore than 6EWM
    10Dr Basharat MushtaqLecturer (Academic Arrangement)PHDMore than 6EWM


  • Profile
    Department Of Electronics

    Objective: “To produce technical manpower for education sector, R&D and electronics hardware industry”

    The Department of Electronics was established in the year 1976. The department is housed in well build building. The department is built keeping in view all the requisite parameters including earthquake etc.

    The department caters to the needs of the B. Sc students of Electronics. The department produce talented graduates for various M.Sc. courses especially in Electronics, Electronics & Communication, Computer Sciences and other allied subjects annually, some of them have attained Laurels at National and International levels.

  • Faculty

    S.No Name Of Faculty Designation Qualification Publication Department
    1Dr Shah Jahan WaniAssociate Professor(H.O.D)PHDMore than 6Electronics
    2Prof. Mohd Aslam KhanAssistant ProfessorMScNilElectronics
    3Dr Firdous AhmadLecturer (Academic Arrangement)PHDMore than 6Electronics
    4Ms. Badia MattooLecturer (Academic Arrangement)MScNilElectronics

  • Workshop

    Students enrolled for the year 2013-14 220

    Course Taught Electronics is taught as a subject in BSC (Non-Med) of Kashmir University

    Workshop held The department in collaboration with university of Kashmir Entrepreneurship development Cell organized a one day workshop on “Technology innovation & Entrepreneurship awareness program”

  • Extension Lecture

    Prof(Dr.) G.M Bhat Director USIC Kashmir Univeristy delivered a lecture on Technology Innovation and Technopreneurship- possibilities and opportunities in Kashmir.

    Dr Rakesh Gupta Deptt of Electronics GGM Science College Jammu delivered a lecture on

    “Atomic force Microbiology and the role played by Nano technology in the development of this technology”

  • Infrastructure

    1.    Electronics & Device Circuits I & II

    2.    Digital Electronic & Large design laborites

    3.    Computational laboratories

    4.    Communication laboratories

    5.    Microprocessor

  • Departmental
    Departmental Library

    The department has full-fledged library housing standard reference books on Electronic, Microprocessor, Programming and other allied subjects. The departmental is also connected to inflibnet for reference journals and other books besides the Central library.


  • Profile
    Department Of Geography

    The department of Geography is one of the well established departments in S. P. College, Srinagar. The department was originally founded in 1942 under the aegis of the famous Geographer Dr. A. R. Raina who was also the first native Ph.D. in Geography. However when Amar Singh College was founded in 1946 the Department of Geography was shifted to this newly established college. It was then in 1977 when the arts and humanities streams where delinked from S. P. College that Geography was reintroduced in S. P. College as a subject to be taught in combination with Geology, Chemistry, Maths, Physics and Biosciences at undergraduate level.

  • Infrastructure

    The department of Geography is housed in the ground floor of one of the oldest and monumental buildings of the college. The department comprises of two laboratories, one staff room, one store-cum-lab staff room and a small reading room-cum-library. Besides the department has also a spacious audio visual room in a separate building. The department dose not have a dedicated Geography lecture theater or hall but shares the common college lecture rooms for the purpose and thus manages on the accommodation front. One of the labs of the department is spacious and equipped with almost all necessary lab equipment, cartographic material and surveying instruments for conducting practicals and surveying. The second lab is smaller one and deficient in respect of equipment. However the lab facilities are being enhanced and updated with the introduction of computers and other modern tools like multimedia projectors etc.

  • Faculty

    S.No Name Of Faculty Designation Qualification Publication Department
    1Prof. Mairaj ud din SheikhAssociate Professor(H.O.D)MPhillSelectGeography
    2Prof. Anjumn QaziAssociate ProfessorSelectSelectGeography
    3Ms. Syed Binish GillaniAssistant ProfessorMSc4Geography
    4Dr Nisar Ahmad KucheyAssistant ProfessorPHDMore than 6Geography
    5Ms. Huma RashidLecturer (Academic Arrangement)MSc/NETSelectGeography
    6Dr. Imtiyaz Ahmad MalikLecturer (Academic Arrangement)PHDMore than 6Geography

  • Vision And Motto

    During the coming decade we hope to establish a fully equipped GIS and Digital cartography laboratory to meet the demand of the market and the students. We also intend to introduce a P.G. Diploma Course in Remote Sensing and GIS


    Our motto is to churn out a product which will find its due place in the present fast moving world.


  • Profile
    Department Of Geology

    Year of Establishment 1975
    Built up area of the Department 325 sq.m
    Telephone number 0194-2476828

  • Infrastructure

    Department is situated in the west side of the main building on ground floor flanked by department of Geography and Botany. The department is consisted of one laboratory and museum besides that galleries have been converted into HOD room and Lab assistant’s room. One attached bathroom is also available within the department. The laboratory is furnished with desks, tools, white board, sample almirahs, wash basin/sinks and rakes for rock/ mineral samples. The museum harbours rich collection of minerals, fossils, rocks and gem stones. Computer with internet connection also makes an important part of the available infrastructure. A good collection of models, maps and charts are also available within the department. The detailed information regarding available infrastructure is as under:

    Scientific Equipments
    Models: Crystal model-146, Dam model-04, Maps-20
    Samples: Rocks-642, Minerls-795, Thin slides-40, Fossils-161
    Microscope, Petrological: Nos. 25
    Water Analysis Kit: Nos.1
    Clinometer/Brunton Compass: 26/15
    Gem stone box: Nos.1
    Globe: Nos.1
    Pedometer: Nos.1
    Altimeter: Nos.1
    Computer: Nos.1
    Other infrastructure available in the department
    No. of Rooms Area in sq. feet’s Table Chair/sofa Tools/White board Desks Books/Journals
    Office 02 16.5/8.5 03 09/1 01 --- 110/22
    Labs 01 30/20 01 39/01 16 ---
    Museum 01 20.5/18.5 01 --- 146/20 ---
    Wash Room 01 8/6 --- --- --- --- ---

  • Faculty

    S.No Name Of Faculty Designation Qualification Publication Department
    1Prof. (Dr.) K.A. ParrayAssistant ProfessorPHD/MScNilGeology
    2Prof. Aashaq Hussain BhatAssistant ProfessorMSc/NETSelectGeology

  • Strength

    Programme(Undergraduate) Level Of study No. of Students
    B.G. Ist Year UG 158
    B.G. 2nd Year UG 80
    B.G. 3rd Year UG 64


  • Profile
    Department Of Information Technology
    About The Department

    Sri Pratap College M.A. Road Srinagar is one of the premier institutions of valley with over hundred years of history. The college was established in 1905 by Banaras Hindu University and was affiliated to Punjab University in 1911. The state Government took over the college in 1911 & was renamed as Sri Pratap College. The S.P. College is now an exclusive Science College imparting Science Education in a broad spectrum of subjects like Biochemistry, Biotechnology, IT, Environmental Science etc. The college is running P.G. courses in Chemistry and Environmental Sciences.

    Department of B. Sc. Information Technology was established in the year 2005. BSc IT is the only Under Graduate Course in the Kashmir Division which is semester based. This UG Course is of 3 years duration comprising 6 semesters. The intake capacity was 30 students per year; however, it was extended to 60 students per year including seats of self financial quota. The details of the department are as under:

    1.   INFRASTRUCTURE: - The department is hosted in the New Science Block (2nd floor) having 2 classrooms, 3 laboratories, one library, one HOD room, one Staff room and one Laboratory Assistant Room. The rooms are well ventilated and of sufficient capacity.

    The department has full-fledged library housing about 500 standard reference books on Computer and Information Technology. The departmental is also connected to inflibnet for reference journals and other books besides the Central library.

    The computers in the laboratory are of latest technology, with licensed operating Systems and open source softwares.

    In addition this department is also running a course where students opt IT as their 4th subject. The laboratory for these students is hosted in the main building of the college.

    The department produce talented graduates for various post graduate courses viz. MSC IT, MCA, MSC Computer Sciences etc. some of them have attained Laurels at National and International levels.

    Location:- New Science Block , Second Floor

    Built up Area:- (111.5’x 45’= 5017.5 sq. Ft)

  • Faculty

    S.No Name Of Faculty Designation Qualification Publication Department
    1Prof. Gazi Imtiyaz AhmadAssistant Professor (Head)MScSelectInformation-Technology
    2Dr Junaid Latief ShahAssistant ProfessorPHD/NETMore than 6Information-Technology
    3Mohd Umar JohnLecturer (Academic Arrangement)MPhillNilInformation-Technology
    4Mufeed BashirLecturer (Academic Arrangement)MScNilInformation-Technology

  • Infrastructure
    Infrastructure Availiable:-

    Laboratories Number
    Laboratory-I 25 systems
    Laboratory-II 25 systems
    Laboratory-III 25 systems
    Multimedia Projectors 02 Nos.
    Smart Board 01 No.


  • Profile
    Department Of Mathematics

    The Department of Mathematics of this prestigious heritage institution is as old as this institution is. It was established in 1905, that time the college was imparting co-education in Arts and Science.

  • Faculty

    S.No Name Of Faculty Designation Qualification Publication Department
    1Prof. Khushid Ahmad ThakurAssociate Professor(H.O.D)Not AvailableNilMathematics
    2Prof. Showkat Ahmad ZargarAssociate ProfessorSelectSelectMathematics
    3Prof. Tariq Ahmad ShikariAssociate ProfessorMPhillSelectMathematics
    4Dr Suhail Gulzar MatooAssistant ProfessorPHD2Mathematics

  • Achievements

    Great mathematician, bureaucrats, scholars, bankers and administrators have been produced by this department. Moreover the Department has organizing various co-curricular activities like seminar, debates, quiz, extension lectures pertaining to this subject. The department of Mathematics of this college has unique distinction of celebrating “National Year of Mathematics 2012”. During this year the series of activities followed by seminars, extension lectures, mathematics quiz and memorial lectures were organized by this department in the honour of Sri Nivasa Ranmanajan.


  • Faculty

    S.No Name Of Faculty Designation Qualification Publication Department
    1Dr. M. F. RatherAssociate Professor(H.O.D)PHDMore than 6Physics
    2Prof. Qazi Rafiq AhmadAssociate ProfessorMScMore than 6Physics
    3Prof. Syed Gulzar AhmadAssociate ProfessorMScSelectPhysics
    4Dr. Jan ShabirAssociate ProfessorPHDMore than 6Physics
    5Prof. Gh. Mohammad WaniAssociate ProfessorMSc4Physics
    6Dr. Tusain Hussain ShahAssociate ProfessorPHDMore than 6Physics
    7Prof. Mohammad Altaf SofiAssistant ProfessorMSc4Physics
    8Dr. HameedaAssistant ProfessorPHD/MPhillMore than 6Physics
    9Prof. Fayaz Ahmad NajarAssistant ProfessorMPhill/MSc6Physics
    10Dr. Khurshid A. ShahAssistant ProfessorPHD/MPhillMore than 6Physics
    11Dr. Tariq Ahmad WarAssistant ProfessorPHDMore than 6Physics
    12Dr. Gowhar Hussain BhatAssistant ProfessorPHD/MPhillMore than 6Physics
    13Prof. Inayat Rasool BhatAssistant ProfessorMSc/NETMore than 6Physics
    14Dr. Sumaira MehrajLecturer (Academic Arrangement)PHDMore than 6Physics
    15Dr Ghazala AnjumAssistant ProfessorPHDMore than 6Physics

  • Equipments
    Equipments Availiable

    Name of The Equipment Numbers
    Laser Kit With All Accessories 01
    Air Ticket Apparatus With All Accessories 01
    Cathode Ray oscilloscopes 04
    Hall Effect Apparatus 01
    Zeeman Apparatus 01
    J. J. Thomson e/m Apparatus 05
    Millikan's Oil Drop Apparatus 01
    Michelson's Interferometer 01
    Light Sources (Mercury, Sodium, Halogen) 15

  • Library
    Library Facilities

    Name Of The Computers 05
    Text Books In Central Library
    (Text And Reference Books)
    Total Physics Books In Centaral Library 5251
    Total Physics Books In Departmental Library 1025+

  • Research
    Number Of Publications

    S.No. Name Number Of Publications
    01 Dr. Altaf Ahmad Baba 15
    02 Prof. G. M. Wani Nil
    03 Prof. Mohd. Altaf Sofi 04
    04 Dr. Hameeda 03
    05 Prof. Fayaz Ahmad najar 01
    06 Prof. Arshad Ahmad 20

  • Procurement

    Name of The Equipment Numbers
    Laser Kit With All Accessories 01
    G.M. Counter With All Accessories 01
    Cathode Ray oscilloscopes 03
    Hall Effect Apparatus 01
    Spectrometers(Advanced) 04
    J. J. Thomson e/m Apparatus 03
    Michelson's Interferometer 01
    Light Sources (Mercury, Sodium, Halogen) 10
    Power Generator 01
    Laser Printer 01
    Computer 03
    Power Invertor 01
    Four Probe Method For Energy Gap 02
    Michelson's Interferometer 02

  • Infrastructure
    Infrastructure Other Than Labs

    Name of The Room Dimensions
    Technical Assistant Room 8 ft x 21 ft = (128 sft)
    Store Room 30 ft x 21 ft = (630 sft)
    Staff Room 16 ft x 27 ft ( 342 sft )
    Bath/Wash Room 12 ft x 21 ft = (252 sft)
    Pantry 12 ft x 5 ft = (60 sft)
    Corridor 100 ft x 10 ft = (1000 sft)


  • Profile
    Department Of Statistics

    The Department of Statistics is the youngest department in the college with a brief history of only four years. The subject was introduced in the college in the year 2009 and admission to the subject was made in the subsequent year i.e. 2010. Initially the Department was housed in Department of Mathematics and was run by teachers who were engaged on academic arrangements under the supervision of H.O.D. Mathematics. In March 2013 a permanent faculty was provided by the Administrative Department who took the charge of the Department and established the Department as an independent Department. Today we have separate Department with Statistical Lab. The College Library has sufficient number of books pertaining to subject which cater the needs of the student as well as teachers. During this short period the enrollment of student has considerably increased. This year Department has 88, 41 and 20 student in 1st Year, 2nd Year and 3rd Year respectively.

  • Faculty

    S.No Name Of Faculty Designation Qualification Publication Department
    1Mr. Mushtaq Ahmad ZargarAssociate ProfessorMPhill/MScNilStatistics
    2Mr. Abdul Rouf ShahLecturerMPhill/MScNilStatistics
    3Dr Suriya JabeenLecturer (Academic Arrangement)PHDSelectStatistics

  • Achievements

      Good number of students have been selected in various P.G. Courses (Math, Statistics, Physic etc) in different University of Country.

      A good number of pass out students have been suitably placed in various Government / Non-Government organizations (like Insurance, Banking, Planning, Teaching etc).

      Our students actively participate in social service activities like NSS.NCC

  • Future Plans
    Department intends to adopt the following

      To introduce advanced Statistical software in curriculum so that student be aware of applications of Statistics in diverse fields like Agriculture, Industries, Biosciences etc.

      To arrange Statistical Tours, to various prominent places like ISI Kolkata, ISI Delhi, IIPS Mumbai etc to make students vision wide.

      To provide coaching to students who are willing to appear in Civil Services Examination, Indian Statistical Services Examination and for various advanced courses in Statistics viz PG Statistics, Reliability , M.Sc. Operations Research etc.

      To establish departmental library to cater the need of students at UG, PG and for various competitive exam at state as well as national level.

      To hold extension lectures by inviting reputed resources from state and outside.

      To facilitate outgoing statistics student to various job opportunities in reputed companies.

      To facilitate financial assistance to meritorious students of the department.

      To adopt modern teaching aids like power point presentation, audio visual methodology etc.


  • Profile
    Department Of Zoology

    Year Of establishment 1967
    Academic Programme offered till date B.Sc with different Subjects
    Combinations and Zoology as one of the subjects
    Future Plan Intending to offer M.Sc Programme
    Faculty Position
    No. of sanctioned positions of teaching faculty 14
    Present teaching staff strength
    Permanent 10
    Temporary Nil
    Male 08
    Female 02
    No. of vacancies 04

  • Faculty

    S.No Name Of Faculty Designation Qualification Publication Department
    1Dr. B. A. MasoodiAssociate ProfessorPHDNilZoology
    2Dr. M. F. MirAssociate ProfessorPHDNilZoology
    3Mr. M. A. LoneAssistant ProfessorMPhillNilZoology
    4Ms. Shaista MasratAssistant ProfessorMPhillNilZoology
    5Mr. N. M. MalikAssistant ProfessorMScNilZoology
    6Dr. Samira SirajAssistant ProfessorPHDNilZoology
    7Mr. M. Afzal AhangerAssistant ProfessorMPhillNilZoology
    8Mr. Imtiaz ShahidAssistant ProfessorMPhillNilZoology
    9Mr. Javid IqbalAssistant ProfessorMPhillNilZoology
    10Mr. Javid Hassan SheikhAssistant ProfessorMPhillNilZoology
    11Prof. Naseer FarhanAssistant ProfessorMPhillSelectZoology
    12Dr. Showkat AhamdAssistant ProfessorPHD/NET3Zoology
    13Prof. Manzoor Ahmad BhatAssistant ProfessorMScSelectZoology

    Faculty Development Programme

    One faculty member is in the process of completing the research degree. Besides all staff members do actively participate in national level refresher / orientation programmes and workers, some have research project at hand sponsored by Ministry of Environment and Forests Government of India

    Non-Teaching Faculty:

    No. of non-teaching staff 04
    No. of non-permanent staff 04
    No. of local fund staff 01
    Male 03
    Female 01

  • Physical Facilities
    Total area existing of department:3930 Sqfts.

    Details as under:-

    Block Floor Area Nos

    50’ x 20’ = 1000 Sqft
    40’ x 20’ = 800 Sqft

    02 Nos
    03 Nos
    Class Rooms 20’ x 37’ = 740 Sqft 01 No
    Staff Room 20’ x 20’ = 400 Sqft 01 No
    Museum 50’ x 20’ = 1000 Sqft 01 No
    Library 10’ x10’ = 100 Sqft 01 No
    Toilet 10’ x 10’ = 100 Sqft 01 No
    Store 40’ x 20’ = 800 Sqft 01 No
    Administration Room 24’ x 20’ = 480 Sqft 01 No

    Under Construction

    6560 Sqft A full-fledged independent block housing Zoology Department is under construction infront of the existing block with following details.

    S.No Block No. Floor Area
    01 Laboratories 03 40’ x 30’
    02 Lecture Hall 03 40’ x 30’
    03 Staff Room 01 40’ x 20’
    04 Museum 01 80’ x 20’
    05 Library 01 30’ x 15’
    06 Toilet 02 30’ x 12’
    07 Store 02 20’ x 15’
    08 H.O.D Room 01 20’ x 30’


    Department has a well established museum housing more than 1000 specimens including exotic, endemic and some rare ones.

  • Library Facilities

    (a) No. of shared books 5000
    (b) No. of books in departmental library 5000 approximate
    (c) Capacity of Library 15-20 students